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April 27, 2005

Airport Protection Document

In collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, LBNL has developed a document that provides the first-cut advice to improve the protection of U.S. civilian airports from Chemical and Biological attacks, describes how to look for and fix vulnerabilities, and recommends actions in response to selected chem / bio threat scenarios. For obvious reasons, the document can not be placed in the public domain on the web for free access. If you believe you have justification and a reason to have access to this document, please contact either of the two principal authors of this report, below. Please give your office phone number, e-mail address, snail-mail address, citizenship, reason why you believe you should have access to this document. If, after due examination, we determine that your request has merit, we will contact you. Thanks.

Dr. Phillip Price
(510) 486-7875

Dr. Donna Edwards

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