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April 27, 2005

Building Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation Program (BVAMP)

Preparation and advanced planning can reduce the likelihood and severity of chemical, biological, and radiological attack. However, it can be difficult for building managers to determine key vulnerabilities and prioritize implementation of mitigation strategies, because most information that treats these subjects is intended for technical consultants or design professionals. The Building Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Program (BVAMP) provides facility managers with an easy-to-use software tool for identifying basic steps to secure buildings and develop building specific mitigation plans.

BVAMP develops building-specific advice for:

  • Improving emergency preparedness
  • Developing building system control protocols for use during emergencies
  • Planning for shelter-in-place responses
  • Restricting access to building systems and information

BVAMP runs on Java Virtual Machine. If your computer does not have Java Virtual Machine, you can download it for free from


  • BVAMP software, readme.txt, BVAMP questions and building walkthrough documents. (ZIP 116 kB)
  • BVAMP brochure. (PDF 648 kB)
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