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April 27, 2005

First Responders Information

A printable version of this web site is available here; use your browser's "print" button to print it out.

Training materials include:

4-page brochure

Simple information about building ventilation, for emergency responders.
Print version, 2.0 MB PDF
Screen version, 165.6 KB PDF

2-page brochure

Summary of advice on what actions to take during a chem/bio release, for building operators or emergency responders.
Print version, 962.8 KB PDF
Screen version, 81.2 KB PDF

32-page presentation

A presentation about using building-specific information to protect a building against chem/bio attack.
Presentation, 2.3 MB PDF

28-page presentation

A presentation on assessing vulnerability of buildings.
Presentation, 991KB PDF

43-page report

A detailed report discusses all of our advice on this website, and gives the assumptions and reasoning behind each item. It is posted below. This report also includes the four-page "advice for first responders" document and the two-page "actions to take" document, in an appendix. The report presents our thinking at the time of writing (July 2002).
Report, 3.11MB PDF
Brochure, 1.03MB PDF

A pdf reader is needed in order to print these files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, get it here.

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